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About Pinetown Incorporated

Our Vision

Making Pinetown a vibrant and prosperous community with desirable economic opportunities and free of crime by 2035.

Our Mission

Pinetown Incorporated exists to advance and promote local businesses in the Pinetown area, enhancing our communities, where people live, work, and prosper.

Our Role

Organize and identify key local economic role players who are concern about the future redundancy of Pinetown and are willing to work coherently to build a better future together.

We are focused on creating alliances with local businesses,  government organizations, non-profit organizations, and the community. Additionally, we strive to create a network of local entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. Working to create a culture of collaboration and support within the local economic ecosystem.


What We Offer

At Pinc, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of exceptional services that cater to a variety of needs and preferences of each client. We understand that each organisation has unique requirements, which is why we have strategically designed our services to be comprehensive and diverse. Our experts are highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable, which means that you can trust us to deliver exceptional results every time. At Pinc, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing you with a premium experience like no other.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Section 18 A

Pinetown Incorporated aims to acquire a section 18 A certificate for our clients.


We've received accreditation from a highly respected industry authority.

Local Staff

We aim to create employment in our local economy.

Time Availability

Available for business exactly when you need us.

Quick Response

Response to clients needs in record time is our top priority.


.Work with major organisations, businesses and institutions in the area.

We Are Business Who Cares, And it Shows


Thandeka MfekaThandeka Mfeka
18:56 16 Dec 23
I truly believe that Pinetown incorporated will change this city. Thanks for the informative event.🙏🏼
Konke MaphulaKonke Maphula
16:23 15 Dec 23
My first business breakfast 😋 this program was very informative Hoping to become part of the family soon.
Amahle NdlovuAmahle Ndlovu
16:18 15 Dec 23
What a wonderful event thank you for hosting us.
Lungile MsimangLungile Msimang
07:11 13 Dec 23
Business breakfast was great....well done guys..very informative.
Mzwakhe MthiyaMzwakhe Mthiya
07:07 13 Dec 23
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Head Office

Our KwaZulu-Natal office located in Pinetown has excellent technology, transport, and materials, enabling us to serve clients in the region with high expertise and quality standards.

4 Ivy . Road. New Germany,
Pinetown, 3610

Phone: +27 685 037221


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